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"One of the best things I've done in my life"

Jackie Combs-Nelson

"I have been there twice before with Alex Garcia, and expect absolutely nothing but a new adventure around every corner."

Michael Kaminski

" I have been in Cuba with Alex and you could not be in better hands!!!"

Travis Keyes

"A fantastic itinerary!

So full and rich!

The best workshop I've taken!"

Katrin Eismann

Alex did an incredible job putting together such a dynamic experience for us to capture .  Each day unfolded with new backdrops and scenarios to engage and photograph.  My goal as a photographer was to get out of my comfort zone, and document the texture, color and soul.  I’m grateful to the Cuba Workshop team for all the behind the scenes planning, day to day mentoring, and access to both curated and spontaneous moments - truly an unforgettable trip.

Kerri Sherman

 My experience with Cuba Workshops was excellent.  Alex and Orietta did an outstanding job of creating experiences and interactions with the Cuban people that provided insights into Cuban culture as well as creating great images.  They proved themselves to be skilled and adaptable guides - highly recommended.

Ben Manlove

Trying to explain this Cuba adventure in only a few words is kind of like trying to describe your favorite food using only body gestures. You’re not sure you can do it justice, but can sure as hell give it a try.

I think it’s important to start by letting you know that while I’m not a professional photographer, photography is a beloved hobby of mine which means I didn’t start the trip as a full blown amateur. And, you might find surprising that I had NOT been researching Cuba nor photography workshops when a friend sent the link saying Cuba Workshops looked like something I’d find intriguing. I spent all of five minutes before deciding this was too unique a situation to pass up.

The journey began meeting Alex and Orietta, light-hearted and knowledgeable cousins who were about to give me my fill of Cuban stories, cultural cliff notes and incredible photography opportunities. The streets were a constant swirl of change, never behaving the same any two times you walk down them, but Alex––probably due to his photojournalist background––spotted serendipitous moments to capture in a glance. His eye for opportunities led us onto rooftops, into the heart of a parade and through a waterfall. We met fishermen, baseball players, boxers, ballerinas, butchers, bakers, musicians, artists and engineers. We lived in casas (private homes), drank rum and took 8,000 pictures.

This trip taught me confidence in approaching and capturing candid street shots and I walked away with tangible evidence of every crazy and amazing thing I did, which would otherwise have felt like a dream by the end of it.

If you’re debating whether or not to take this ride....A personally-guided tour of non-tourist areas in a communist country with a group of passionate artists is a priceless approach for taking your photography skills to the next level.

Kat Tushim

Whether it’s your first workshop or your 10th, Cuba Workshops is not to be missed.

Alex and his team will put you in many situations where you’ll get great shots, let alone how Cuba unfolds in front of you every day.

At the end of the trip you’ll think you are a great photographer, and will have the images to prove it.

Scott R. Davis

If you are looking for an intimate type of trip to Cuba, this is the trip you want to take.  When I came back from Cuba in May, I was was not mentally home for a few weeks, because a 40 year old dream was realized. Cuba is an extraordinary country with warm beautiful people, stunning colors and a fascinating history and culture. Old Havana will fascinate you! You can walk around the city for hours without being bored. Life on the streets is buzzing.  Every street corner is worthy of a photograph. Cuba's history is a story that is told through its artists, art is anywhere and everywhere. Trinidad with its cobblestone streets and bright colors houses is a visual explosion of color.

 Alex is extremely passionate and knowledgeable and has a delightful cousin, Orietta, who lives in Cuba, together they planned a trip that included so many memorable experiences. It was so helpful that Orietta knew so many people and knows exactly what to do to make things happen.  Every day there were numerous adventures waiting to happen. Ballerinas, boxers, baseball, the smell of fresh bread everywhere you go, old cars, bright colors, street art, old architecture, fisherman, mechanics, kids playing, smiling people, great food and an opportunity to stay with local families. Go on this trip and discover the real Cuba, it will change your life. It was a dream like experience, that's why I am going back in November! 

Barb Pashup

Alex and Orietta provided an unparalleled experience. The itinerary of Cuba Workshops provided access to Cuban culture and a lens for seeing the people and the Cuban experience that were truly unique from any travel experience I have had. In this first trip to Cuba, I found the Cuban people warm, open, and welcoming. As a non-professional photographer I learned useful skills from Alex and the experienced photographers on the trip (including my conga lesson with a percussionist from the Cuban Symphony!). Best of all, I was able to see the reality of Cuba that countered the negative propaganda I was exposed to in growing up in the United States. I definitely want to return!

Allen Ramsier

My trip with Cuba Workshops was like no other trip. Alex and Orietta provided a great line up. It was structured, yet flexible so that we did not miss an opportunity to see, experience and interact with the people of Cuba. Sure, we got plenty of pictures of old cars. What was different about this trip was that the focus was not on the landscapes and architecture shots. That was our backdrop while our subjects, as photographers, were the graceful dancers, powerful boxers, musicians and working people in their jobs.

We did not just see the country, we lived in the Cuba for 10 days. 

Gary Taylor

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